Hello! We're excited that you're interested in joining Dunce Academy. We'd like to know more about you, so we're going to ask you a few questions. No need to panic. There aren't any "right" answers to these questions. We have no "perfect student" in mind. We just want to get to know the real YOU. Please answer honestly.

So, relax. Get comfy. Here we go!
Let's kick things off nice and easy. Just the basics...

What's your name (First and Last)?

Put whatever name you prefer go by (like Nick instead of Nicholas) + your last name.
What are the names of your parents (First and Last)?

What grade are you in?

What's the best phone number to reach you at?

Please begin with the area code: (XXX) XXX-XXXX.
What phone number is that?

Is that email address your personal account or a parent's/guardian's account?

What's your home address?

If your mailing address is different from your physical home address, please include both addresses. If you live at more than one place regularly, please list all addresses below.
What are your parents'/guardians' names?

What are your parents' email addresses?

What high school do you attend?

If you are homeschooled, let us know that below.
What do you hope to gain from participating in Dunce Academy? In other words, what do you want Dunce Academy to do for you?

Participating in Dunce Academy is a big commitment. Sometimes, you'll have to bring in stuff you've done at home (like looking into a particular career or researching a summer program). We are actually going to have a lot of fun, but also work hard on crafting the future you want. Are you willing to commit? Please explain.

We know that we won't be the only one's competing for your time. What other things occupy a lot of your time outside of the school day?

Include any sports, extracurriculars, volunteering, family activities, church or club obligations, work, and other things that take up your time.
In addition to all the things you listed above, we know that homework plays a large part in many student's lives. How many hours per night do you usually spend on homework? How do you handle homework? Please explain.

Remember, honesty is the best policy. We know that everyone works differently. Some people struggle with homework. That's fine. Just be real with us.
Honors and AP classes usually have a larger work load.

Are you currently enrolled in any honors or AP classes? If so, which ones?

Are you planning on enrolling in honors or AP classes in the future? If so, how many per year?

Ok. Enough with the boring stuff... Onto to the meaty goodness. 

Next, we want to hear about your interests and your dreams. We also threw in some zany questions to get a better picture of how you think and who you are. Remember... there are no wrong answers. We promise.

How are you like Jimmy Page?

Which dunce do you identify most with?

Why did you choose that dunce?

What's your favorite smell? Please explain.

When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up"? Please explain the little kid logic behind that choice.

One of my favorite answers to this question was "garbage man." The little girl that wanted to be a garbage man saw that garbage men had super strength (they picked up HUGE garbage bins), they got to travel around all day long in awesome machines, and they were outgoing, friendly people. Plus, they got to wear green (her favorite color) uniforms with flashy stripes on the back. Sounds like a sweet job.
What are you thinking about now in terms of careers?

This doesn't have to be realistic or well thought out. Good answers include:
- I'm not sure... I like being outside, so maybe that will play into things.
- I tell everyone "teacher," but really I want to start my own school. (This was Dunce's own education program coordinator's answer through out high school... and still today.)
- I really like archeology, but I'm not sure if I can be out on a dig for most of the year.
- I'm not sure... Is there anything that combines drawing and biology? (Yes! Medical illustration.)
- Uhh... I'm just trying to figure out high school right now.
Who do you want to be?

This is different than what you want to be. This is about the type of person you want to be.
If you could take a weekend and do anything, what would you do?

This is a "dream big" question. Don't think about practicalities like money, geographic, and age constraints.
How do you usually spend your weekends?

Think of a project you've always wanted to take on. This could be any type of project in any field (music, rock climbing, wood working, literature, biology).

Describe this project.

Why do you want to do this?

What's holding you back from doing this?

What's one step that you could do now to get closer to working on this project?

What are you passionate about?

Do you like to debate? If so, who do you like to debate with and what topics do you like to discuss?

We're not talking about screaming matches. We're talking about long conversations with some back and forth or some brainstorming. These could take place in the classroom, in debate club, or at home with your siblings or parents.
What have people always said you were good at? Do you agree? What do you think are your strengths?

What are three words that you think best describe you? Please explain.

Do you often ask others to help you? Please explain.

We all deal with stress. What stresses you out? What do you do to handle the stress when it hits you?

We all have people that we look up to. Who are a few specific people you admire? Please explain.

These can be people you know personally (family members, friends, pastors, teachers, coaches, a speaker you once heard) or people that you haven't met. They could be historical figures or fictional characters.
Excellent! We're getting a clearer image of what you're all about. Now, we want to ask you about your education. We love talking about education. We can't wait to learn about your experience.

Be brutally honest. We all have different experiences with education. That's how it is. Let us know what's up. We promise not to tell your teachers :-) In fact, federal law kind of prohibits us from doing that so... let it all hang out!

Describe your school situation.

We said "school situation" to accommodate all sorts of possibilities: public school, private school, homeschooling, and everything else. Tell us about it.

Some questions to get you going (you don't have to answer all of these or any of these in particular; they're just to jumpstart your thoughts): What's a normal day? What you like? What would you change? Are the chairs too small?  Do you miss recess? Do you love the science lab?
Describe yourself as a learner.

How do you learn best? What type of environment do you learn best in? What do you like to learn?
What challenges do you face in your education?

Please be specific. Don't just say "tests." Say something like, "When I get into a testing situation, I always freak out and don't do so well even if I study hard."
Who is/was your favorite teacher, coach, club leader, or mentor? What makes that person so wonderful?

Who is/was your least favorite teacher, coach, club leader, or mentor? What didn't work?

If you could design a class, what would it be like?

In addition to the topic of the class, think about how you would learn and where you would learn. It doesn't have to take place in a classroom with textbooks.
If you weren't doing school all day, what would you do instead?

Do you think you'll continue onto college right after high school? If so, what are your goals for college and what do you want your college experience to look like? If not, what do you hope to do directly after high school?

Before you get your post-graduation plans, you have to get to graduation! You still have a few years... What are your goals before you graduate? How do you want to grow (as a student, as a person, as an athlete if you're an athlete, and as all the other things that are part of who you are)?

Woo hoo! Good job! You've made it to the last question. We have a little treat for you: We want to go watch a video. This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZFcDGpL4U .

After you've watched the talk by Ken Robinson, write your thoughts below. Please explain - give us a meaty paragraph or a couple of short paragraphs or go on a tirade if you wish. We love tirades.

You could some of the things below in your response. You don't have to do all of these, and you can, of course, respond in a completely different way.
- You could talk about how your views align with Robinson's. You could say what you agree with, disagree with, and aren't sure about.
- You could pick out your favorite moments in the video and explain why those moments hit home with you.
- You could talk about what surprised you or what you learned and explained why those things are important.
- You could talk about how your personal experience with education is similar to and different to what Robinson says about education.
Thank you! We really look forward to reading your answers. 

We know that some people express themselves better in person than on paper. To make sure that we get to know everyone well, we want to invite you and your parents in to our office for a short (45 minute) two-way interview. This will likely be a casual, two-way conversation to see if we're a good fit and to make sure that Dunce Academy is going to be the right thing to help you achieve your goals. 

After submitting this application, please visit https://dunce.youcanbook.me to reserve a meeting time. (Copy and paste this link into a new window before you submit your application.) 

Thanks again for taking the time to complete this application. We'll see you soon!

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